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The Present
April 21, 2011
Grabe!..miss ko tong blog koh..
gusto ko sana balikan kaso tinatamad aku :D 
hay..tsk!naku bsta..:D haha
no ch0ice , well i wanted to share my hobbies and daily life to you all,~
being with my new friends in College life
 i'm happy!~desu! 
~~~that's All~~
[oh! by the way; my latest artwork hope you'll like it!] 

The Past
April 21, 2011
OMG! Its  been a MONTHS now since i last opened this...huhuhu (T^T) i miss this thing..well anyway ,..h0w are u guyz??..hope u all in fine condition..(^0^)V..guess wAt???!! i g0t a new hairstyle..its called "ASIAN MULLET" ..i was amazed on that girl's hair 6(^o^).. that's why..^^ luv it!!..*jump* [haha like a kid] well i prefer to a little bit childish than mature girl..its fun this way on this year i moved another level in other word im am a college student n0w!..freshmen that's wAt it called..thats all..